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Haute Hijab was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit and a clear objective: to offer modern hijabs and high-quality hijab-friendly designer clothing while nurturing a vibrant and inclusive community.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours is simple: stylish hijabs and hijab friendly clothing is too hard to find. The major retail stores ignore us and “cool” brands are too revealing. It turns out we aren’t alone in this challenge.

The fashion industry is dominated by male designers who favor revealing clothing to a modest aesthetic. Fickle fashion trends that finally favor longer silhouettes are replaced by body-con attire the next season. Where are the real options?

We started Haute Hijab to be that faith-driven modest alternative.

Melanie Elturk and Ahmed Zedan grew up in the Midwest with a shared passion for design. Melanie has always been inspired by fashion and an unrelenting drive for social justice. Ahmed has a love for technology and is a passionate change maker. Through their combined talent and hard work Haute Hijab was born in 2010.

By designing all our clothing in-house and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to provide high-quality, expertly crafted and uniquely designed hijabs and clothing.

We believe that as a Muslim woman, you have the right to be acknowledged. Shopping for hijabs and clothes should be easy and fun! It should leave you happy and confident, reinforcing your commitment to faith.

We also believe that every woman has a right to wear hijab and be stylish.

We know that wearing hijab in the West isn’t always easy; which is why we’re also here to help! We address this through our ‘struggling with hijab’ support program. We also partner with local non-profits to help women in need. Our popular ‘Hijabi of the Month’ and ‘It Girl’ campaigns serve to propel our community of inspiring women who empower one another through their unique stories, individual style and commitment to faith.

Simply put, we want to help you make everyday a great hijab day.

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