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Hajj Groups in Toronto – The Journey of a Lifetime


The month of Hajj is around the corner! Before Hajj season approaches, those planning their journey find themselves searching for the best group to take them on this journey.

While most already have their Hajj itinerary planned and booked, we’ve gathered a list of just a handful of Hajj groups in Toronto we hope to grow over the coming years in both quantity and quality. Look out for our first Hajj group reviews after this month. See the list below!

  1. Al Falah Hajj & Umrah Services
  2. Al-Madeena Hajj and Umra Group
  3. A&A Travel & Tours
  4. Arcan Travel & Tours
  5. Bismillah Hajj & Umrah Services
  6. Dar El Salam Travel
  7. Esna Travel
  8. Falcon Travel
  9. Ikhlas Hajj & Umrah Services
  10. King Travel
  11. Pakland Travel
  12. Saba Travels and Tours Ltd
  13. Take Me To Umrah


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